Plastic Tomato Boxes

Reusable Boxes for Tomatos and other produce!

Plastic Tomato Box


Don’t throw away your produce boxes – reuse them! Plastics Produce Boxes are the environmental alternative to old throw-away containers. These ventilated containers provide a cost effective alternative to wood and cardboard boxes for harvesting and shipping your fruit and vegetables.

Plastic boxes are easy to clean, resists moisture, insects, fungi and is impervious to acids, solvents and odors. An ideal choice to maximize your freight and storage space while saving money and reducing waste.

Reusable - Durable - Cleanable - Lightweight - Economical - Recyclable - Stackable - Nestable

Plastic Tomato Box, Crate and Bin

Cost-per-trip studies show that consumers can save up to 70% when switching from expendable cardboard packaging to reusable plastic packaging.

Our plastic totes, bins, moving boxes and containers can be customized to match your current cardboard or wooden packaging.

Custom Plastic Tomato Boxes
Plastic Tomato Boxes

Plastic Tomato Boxes